Treating Prostate Cancer

Tailoring treatments based on good science and research, including ongoing analyses and evaluation of outcome data.


High intensity focussed ultrasound is a focal therapy. It shows good results in the minimally invasive treatment of localised prostate cancer.


Seeds, or low dose brachytherapy, is an internal radiation therapy. For the right man there may be fewer side effects.


Recent developments have improved the ability of magnetic resonance imaging to detect tumours and cancer stages. They are also helping to more accurately target biopsies.

Robotic Surgery

All things being equal, the evidence shows that surgical outcomes are improved when performed robotically.

Latest News

Focal Therapy for Prostate Cancer

Prof Stricker's team has published the world's first report of cancer outcomes following focal NanoKnife therapy for focal prostate cancer.

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The UroLift Procedure

Prof Stricker has introduced a new procedure for benign enlargement of the prostate to enable improvement in urinary function without affect

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MRI and focal therapy at the recent American Urological Association

Prof Stricker presented MRI and focal therapy results at the recent American Urological Association Annual Meeting. MRI was the most topical

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MRI scans could be a 'game-changer' in prostate cancer testing

The ABC recently reported on the use of MRI in testing for prostate cancer. The story focusses on the St Vincent's study that looked at 150

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Irreversible Electroporation Focal Therapy (NanoKnife) now shown to be a safe and effective treatment in selected patients.

A recent publication by Prof Stricker's and Prof Emberton's group in the journal Prostate Cancer and Prostate Diseases confirmed the safety

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New forms of imaging now offered at St Vincent's

Prof Stricker and Louise Emmett have been instrumental in beginning a choline PET scan imaging which allows patients to find microscopic dis

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Experience trumps technique when it comes to surgery

Jill Margo's article in the Financial Review, "Experience trumps tehnique when it comes to surgery", looks at the recent

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MRI as a second-line screening tool

After having completed 250 cases where MRI's were performed before biopsies on patients with raised PSA, the study concl

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MRI Guided transperineal biopsy

Australia's first targeted safe biopsy of the prostate. Prof Stricker is amongst the first in Australia to pursue transp

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The St Vincent's Prostate Support Group returns

The St Vincent's Prostate Support Group makes its much needed return on Tuesday the 22nd of October between 7 and 9pm. The group meets at th

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Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre NSW

Prof Stricker has now taken up the clinical directorship of the Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre in New South Wales. He is also on

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ABC News: focal therapy

Reporter Sophie Scott's story, New pain-free treatment for prostate cancer, investigates the new and relatively painless treatment referred

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Nanoknife - the first case

The first case of Nanoknife treatment for prostate cancer was performed in late February. Dr Stricker said he was pleased with the outcome a

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Robotic surgery prevails

Dr Stricker performed just over 250 surgical cases in 2012, one of the largest series in Australasia. When asked about the breakdown between

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World-class prostate research centre for Sydney

Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swan and Minister for Health Tanya Plibersek announced Sydney would

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What I Can Offer

Best Possible Outcomes

Searching for the best possible outcomes, every patient I have treated since 1989 has been moni

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Evidence Based Results

As a doctor I need to have objective and validated data on my results. Without it I could not r

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Experience in robotic and open surgery, brachytherapy and active surveillance

Approach After 25 years of managing prostate cancer I have learnt that it is critical to have

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Individually tailored treatment plans

The number of treatments and all the variables that attach to them can be quite confronting. Es

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Safer and more accurate biopsy

A prostate biopsy is the taking of tissue samples from the prostate gland and examining them un

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Recent developments in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) have improved the ability of MRI to det

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About Phillip

Phillip is the Chairman of the Department of Urology, St Vincent's Private Hospital and Clinic since 2003, and a Director of the St Vincent's Prostate Cancer Centre.

The Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre in New South Wales recently appointed him as clinical director. He is also a member of the National Prostate Cancer Research Centre

Philip is currently the highest volume robotic surgeon in Australasia

He is perhaps best known for his work developing nerve sparing techniques to help patients maximise potency