Nanoknife Training For US Urologists

16 Feb 2021
Over the last four months Prof Stricker has been doing virtual training of a select group of US urologists in NanoKnife focal therapy.

MRI Presentation To The ISMRM

08 Sep 2020

Professor Stricker gave the keynote address to the International Society of Radiologists 2020 virtual conference

European Annual Scientific Urology Meeting

04 Sep 2020

Professor Stricker was recently invited to give a keynote presentation at the European Annual Scientific Urology Meeting. This year the EAU organised a virtual conference which was attended by almost 10000 delegates.

Salvage Robotic Surgery Presentation At SRS

01 Sep 2020

Professor Stricker was recently an invited presenter at the World Society of Robotic Surgery virtual conference (SRS Vitual Conference 2020) on salvage robotic surgery.

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