FIRE Study Approved

31 Jul 2017

A new study now approved to be launched internationally headed up by Professor Stricker for the treatment of failed radiotherapy using NanoKnife ablation (FIRE study).

Focal NanoKnife ablation publication in BJUI

31 Jul 2017

Professor Stricker's latest data with a minimum of one-year follow-up of NanoKnife ablation to the prostate has now been accepted for publication.

Comment in The Lancet

24 Jan 2017

Professor Stricker and his fellow, James Thomspon, were invited by The Lancet to comment on the recently published article, "The Diagnostic Accuracy of Multiparametric MRI and Transrectal Biopsy in Prostate Cancer".

The comment was published on the 23rd of January2017.

Professor of Urology at UWS

20 Jan 2017

Professor Stricker has now been appointed Professor of Urology at Western Sydney University and has been appointed as one of the directors of the new Robotic Program. This program is run collaboratively by Western Sydney University and Liverpool Hospital.

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