Robotic surgery learning curve?

26 Oct 2016

How many cases are needed before you are over the learning curve? Professor Stricker who is now one of the most experienced robotic prostatectomy surgeons in the Southern hemisphere has been invited by "European Urology" to update his cases. Now having done over 1700 cases, which is the most in New South Wales and almost the most in Australia and New Zealand has been invited to update his previous publication on the learning curve of robot radical prostatectomy by one of the major journals in the world "European Urology". Professor Stricker mentioned that it is critical to have your own outcome data very clearly monitored and done independently. He explained that it probably takes 1000 patients before the learning curve is truly overcome.

Free Webcast: Ask the Experts

02 Jun 2016

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) hosted an Ask the Experts webcast - Prostate Cancer: Diet, Supplements and Lifestyle. This webcast was hosted by Julie McCrossin and featured Professor Mark Moyad, Professor Phillip Stricker, Associate Professor Erica James and Jaime Rose-Chambers who discussed healthy diet, exercise and supplements and how these can impact the management of prostate cancer: from diagnosis to treatment through to survivorship.

The complete video of the webcast is available here: Ask the Experts webcast - Prostate Cancer: Diet, Supplements & Lifestyle

First procedure on our new daVinciXI robot

04 Apr 2016

First procedure on our new #daVinciXI robot by Professor Phillip Stricker

Nanoknife shows promise

24 Nov 2015

Prof Stricker has now performed almost 100 NanoKnife irreversible electroporation treatments for localised prostate cancer. The first 25 have now been the subject of an international publication showing 100% clearance within the area of treatment and 76% clearance overall, taking into consideration other areas of the prostate.

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