First procedure on our new daVinciXI robot

04 Apr 2016

First procedure on our new #daVinciXI robot by Professor Phillip Stricker

Nanoknife shows promise

24 Nov 2015

Prof Stricker has now performed almost 100 NanoKnife irreversible electroporation treatments for localised prostate cancer. The first 25 have now been the subject of an international publication showing 100% clearance within the area of treatment and 76% clearance overall, taking into consideration other areas of the prostate.

Nanoknife - emerging treatment

20 Nov 2015

Talking about the Nanoknife procedure in a recent interview, Prof Stricker said, "The electricity is so powerful they have to be paralysed while we're doing it or they would just jump off the table." To read the complete interview by Sydney Morning Health reporter Harriet Alexander click here

Focal Therapy for Prostate Cancer

22 Oct 2015

Prof Stricker's team has published the world's first report of cancer outcomes following focal NanoKnife therapy for focal prostate cancer. This appeared in October's 2015 edition of Prostate and Prostatic Diseases.

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