MRI Prostate Imaging

07 Jul 2015

Prof Stricker's team has now presented the results of the key studies on mMRI of the Prostate by invitation in Australia, USA and Europe.

Selection of patients for focal therapy

29 Jun 2015

Minh Tran, one of Prof Stricker's fellows, recently presented the results at the American meeting on how to select patients for focal therapy using a high-quality multiparametric MRI and transperineal biopsy.

PSMA PET/CT Scan Accuracy

05 Jun 2015

Prof Stricker and A/Prof Emmett have recently published a study comparing PSMA PET/CT scan to the more established Choline PET-CT scan. It confirmed that PSMA PET/CT scaning is much more accurate.

The UroLift Procedure

05 Jun 2015

Prof Stricker has introduced a new procedure for benign enlargement of the prostate to enable improvement in urinary function without affecting sexual function. The first case was performed at St Vincent's in April 2015 and all patients were treated as day patients. 

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