Keynote Speaker At The SRS Virtual Conference

01 Sep 2020

Professor Stricker was the keynote speaker at the Australian Section of the World Society of Robotic Surgeons virtual conference recently. He was invited to talk on preserving sexual function after robotic surgery as well as the management of high-risk prostate cancer.

MR Linac at St Vincents

11 Jun 2020

Professor Stricker and radiation oncologist Dr Jeremy De Leon head up the MR Linac care team at the GenesisCare specialist cancer centre.

Robot assisted radio-guided prostate cancer surgery

24 Jul 2019

Professor Stricker and his team performed the first robot assisted radio-guided prostate cancer surgery in Australia.

New trials about to commence

12 May 2019

All these trials are all designed to improve the accuracy of treatment of prostate cancer particularly with the use of high quality MRI and PET scanning.

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