The value of MRI before biopsy

23 Jul 2014

Dr Stricker's research group has recently published research on the outcomes of patients having MRI prior to biopsy. It was proven that the approach was very useful and the technology was dependable and highly accurate.

Choline & PSMA scans to assess extent of prostate cancer

18 Jul 2014

Prof Stricker and his team at St Vincent's is now offering Choline Pet/CT Scans. Shortly be opening a trial to look at PSMA scanning to be able to more accurately localise metastatic prostate cancer. He considers this a revolution in the assessment of prostate cancer spread.

Focal Nanoknife therapy - safe new treatment

14 Jul 2014

Focal Nanoknife therapy for localised prostate cancer is proving to be a safe treatment. Although relatively new Prof Stricker has now completed over 35 focal NanoKnife treatments and is extremely pleased with the safety.

Experience trumps technique when it comes to surgery

28 Apr 2014

Jill Margo's article in the Financial Review, "Experience trumps tehnique when it comes to surgery", looks at the recent study published in European Urology that focussed on Dr Stricker's results.

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