World-class prostate research centre for Sydney

30 Sep 2012

Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swan and Minister for Health Tanya Plibersek announced Sydney would

Big Aussie Barbie for Prostate Cancer

21 Sep 2012

Special thanks to St. Vincent’s Private Hospital for hosting a Big Aussie Barbie and raising over $1,000 for prostate cancer. Several different volunteers showed their support and effort - Urology nurses, Nursing Education managers, Staff from all around the hospital and even staff family members. They even had some Rugby League Greats attend on the day -Brad “Freddy” Fittler, Trent Barrett, Chris Heighington and Beau Ryan.

Focal therapy - less is more

25 Aug 2012

In her article for the Australian Financial Review, Prostate treatment: when less is more, Jill Margo discusses the emergence of a new hybrid treatment for prostate cancer. Focal therapy is about to become available in Australia. It is still controversial, althoguh manhy consider it a welcome alternative to other more invasice treatments.

How MRI works for prostate cancer

29 Jun 2012

In her article for the Australian Financial Review, How MRI works for prostate cancer, Jill Margo looks at the advantages of MRI over ultrasound in locating prostate cancer. Dr Phillip Stricker explains how MRI has a higher chance of locating elusive tumours and allows other treatments, such as surgery and radiotherapy, to be performed with greater precision. Read the article to find out why MRI can mean more effective and less invasive treatments.