New surgical system gives better access

20 Feb 2012

St Vincent's Hospital recently unveiled the latest surgical robot. The da Vinci Si Surgical System, developed by Intuitive Surgical, provides high definition 3D imaging, better instrumentation and greater access to tighter spaces.

Already revolutionising treatment Dr Stricker says 'In the coming months we will be working to analyse surgical outcomes of those who have undergone treatment with the new surgical robot. So far, it seems that the improved model is providing easier surgical access.'

For more information on robot assisted surgery click here.

Nerve sparing surgery - impact on cancer outcome

10 Feb 2012

In a study just published by the British Journal of Urology International, the association between nerve-sparing radical prostatectomy and the risk of increased margins - that is, edges of the removed tumour that show cancer cells – is assessed. Looking at a large cohort of patients who underwent nerve-sparing radical prostatectomy, Dr Moore - a Masters student of Dr Stricker - undertook the study in association with the St Vincent's Prostate Cancer Centre and the Garvan Institute of Medical Research.

Gleason Grade – impact on adjunct treatments

08 Feb 2012

In research recently accepted for publication in the British Journal of Urology International, Dr Stricker - as part of a team of Australian health professionals at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research and St Vincents Prostate Cancer Centre - looked at the way in which the type of cancer at the edges of a removed tumour effect the cancer re-occurrence rate and may guide future treatments. Drs James Kench and Dr Richard Savdie were senior authors whilst Dr Stricker treated the majority of patients.

Robotic Surgery – focus now on 5 outcomes

02 Feb 2012

St Vincent's Prostate Cancer Centre, as Chaired by Dr Phillip Stricker, is one of five international sites to engage in a study to assess the pentafecta. The pentafecta is a new concept used to report outcomes of minimally invasive robotic surgery and was championed by Vip Patel.

Traditionally surgeons viewed robotic surgery outcomes in terms of the trifecta – cure, continence and potency. However, the pentafecta encompasses two post surgery outcomes – lack of complications and negative surgical margins; that is the absence of cancer in the edges of the removed tumour.