Penile Implant Surgery

Penile implant surgery is a good way to re-establish erectile function. An internal inflatable device can be surgically implanted into the penis.

Initial reaction to this is occasionally one of disbelief. However, in reality, many men use implants as they are very reliable. The devices work very well and are totally hidden. The advantages are that no injecting or ongoing costs are incurred. The implant is always there and can be activated when needed.

Disadvantages include the cost of surgery and the operation. Health funds cover the cost of an implant. Implant surgery is however, relatively straightforward and most people are home in one or two days. Recovery is relatively quick.


Key aspects

From diagnosis and treatment to rehabilitation and research, I believe my highly experienced team and I bring a multifaceted approach to understanding and helping our patients. A summary of these key aspects of that approach is available here in PDF format. If you are suffering from prostate cancer or have reason to believe you might be, you are welcome to contact us or, intially, complete our comprehensive second opinion form.