Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre NSW

Prof Stricker has now taken up the clinical directorship of the Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre in New South Wales. He is also one of the integral members of the National Prostate Cancer Research Centre Australia-wide.

The key areas of research that he is looking into are:
A. The use of imaging and improved accuracy for prostate cancer
B. A less-invasive way of monitoring people on active surveillance and also a more-accurate way of predicting the likelihood of progression
C. The assessment of focal therapy for prostate cancer
D. Predicting the behaviour of cancers of the prostate using epigenetics and genetics 
E. Working with Prof Lisa Horvath, Prof Vanessa Hayes, Prof Sue Clark, Prof James Kench and Dr Kris Rasiah on a series of predictors of aggressiveness of prostate cancer including the likelihood of response to chemotherapy and the way chemotherapy and various superandrogens do not work.