Robotic Surgery

All things being equal, the evidence shows that surgical outcomes are improved when performed robotically.

NanoKnife IRE

The advantage of focal treatments of the prostate with energy sources such as the NanoKnife allow eradication of the cancer with minimal side effects.

Treating Prostate Cancer

Tailoring treatments based on good science and research, including ongoing analyses and evaluation of outcome data.


Recent developments have improved the ability of magnetic resonance imaging to detect tumours and cancer stages. They are also helping to more accurately target biopsies.


Seeds, or low dose brachytherapy, is an internal radiation therapy. For the right man there may be fewer side effects.

First and foremost I am a clinician and surgeon with a particular expertise and passion for the treatment of patients with prostate cancer and benign prostate conditions. I do this in three ways: firstly as your doctor or surgeon, secondly through the research I perform with my highly skilled team and thirdly by offering a comprehensive second opinion service. My practice has been dedicated to prostate cancer and prostate care exclusively for over 20 years. This has given me and my team the opportunity to focus, perfect and personalise the treatments and care we offer. Of course it is impossible to cover all areas of urology, yet by adopting a multi-discplinary approach I believe that we can at the very least understand and help our patients to choose the best path.

If you are suffering from prostate cancer or have reason to believe you might be, I would encourage you to read the resources I have prepared about the disease and its treatments. You are welcome to contact us or, intially, complete our comprehensive second opinion form

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What I Can Offer

Evidence Based Outcomes

Validated data on my results is an essential part of my approach. Without data I could not really qualify any outcomes or improve my ability to choose the most effective treatment for a particular patient.

Research Based Information

To achieve the best possible outcomes, we rely on high quality research. I have been actively researching outcomes,new therapies and, since 1989, quality of life.

Tailored Treatment Plans

he number of treatments and all the variables that attach to them can be quite confronting. For all men, deciding a course of treatment is no easy task. But there is one thing for sure – each patient must be comfortable in his decision.

Safer and More Accurate Biopsies

A prostate biopsy is the taking of tissue samples from the prostate gland and examining them under a microscope for cancer cells. The techniques I use are, I believe, generally safer and more accurate.

Multiparametric MRI

Recent developments in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) have improved the ability of MRI to detect tumours, stage cancer and help in management decisions. They are also helping to more accurately target biopsies.