As an author of educational documents my main objectives have been to highlight the prevalence of prostate cancer, the importance of early detection and the available treatment options. Awareness initiatives such as the original Movember fundraiser through to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia’s, ‘Be a Man’ campaign are an important part of the fight against prostate cancer. I believe that there is much more that we can and must do.

Certainly, improving understanding of prostate cancer in the community will result in improved outcomes.  It also, importantly, takes away fear and helps to avoid regret. In short, education is crucial in the fight against prostate cancer, everyone must be aware.

A major part of education is creating conversations about prostate cancer, and in particular spaces in which men with prostate cancer can share their experiences with one another. At St Vincent’s we have established Australia’s first prostate cancer support group, a group that has been replicated throughout the country since its inception.

I have developed numerous resources and mechanisms to support and educate men and general practitioners throughout Australia and am a strong advocate of prostate cancer awareness. I hope that the following print and video resources contribute to this.