Research into Prostate Cancer Outcomes, New Therapies and Quality of Life

I have been the head of the official St Vincent’s Prostate Cancer Research Centre which is the charitable centre set up with the St Vincent’s Sisters of Charity. This centre has been the coordination of clinical research at St Vincent’s for over 20 years. The board of management oversee the research and the governance. The current board includes Paul Warren – Chairman, Tim Daniels – CEO at St Vincent’s Private, Geoff Dixson – Previous CEO Qantas, Ray White – Brian White Head of Ray White Australia, Steve Callister head of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, Brent Potts head of Southern Equities.

The centre has raised over 2 million dollars in research funds over 20 years to coordinate early phase research projects coordinated by Phil Stricker, Jayne Matthews , Anne-Maree Haynes and currently Shikha Agrawal. Current projects include the PSMA primary trial, the PSMA active surveillance trial, the NanoKnife FIRE trial and over 40 projects over the last 20 years.

I head up a large team of researchers into prostate cancer at the Garvan Institute and was appointed as an emeritus Fellow.

I Initiated and set up the largest tissue bank and database in the southern hemisphere.

My major current research interests and projects are:

  1. Quality of life after treatment of prostate cancer (PC).
  2. NanoKnife focal therapy for prostate cancer.
  3. Potency preservation with robotic surgery.
  4. The tailored treatment of high-risk prostate cancer.
  5. Imaging to more accurately assess prostate cancer.
  6. Robotic surgery for prostate cancer.
  7. Active surveillance for prostate cancer.
  8. Personalising PC treatment using genomics and epigenomics.
  9. Medical oncology clinical trials to improve the outcomes of high-risk prostate cancer.