In 2010 alone, prostate cancer affected an estimated 20,000 Australian men. Through education and awareness we can save lives and ensure the early diagnosis of prostate cancer – a cancer that can be successfully treated if diagnosed early.

Key to the treatment of my patients is knowledge. It improves outcomes, helps to avoid regret and takes away fear. Education helps the individual and his family cope with the journey.

Not only do I work to educate my patients, I have developed numerous resources and mechanisms to support and educate men and general practitioners throughout Australia and am a strong advocate of prostate cancer awareness.

Today, as main author of educational documents for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia I continue to highlight the prevalence of prostate cancer, the importance of early detection and the available treatment options. From beginning Movember awareness through to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia’s ‘Be a Man’ campaign I know that we can do a lot more in the fight against prostate cancer.