Nanoknife shows promise

Prof Stricker has now performed almost 100 NanoKnife irreversible electroporation treatments for localised prostate cancer. The first 25 have now been the subject of an international publication showing 100% clearance within the area of treatment and 76% clearance overall, taking into consideration other areas of the prostate.

Since the initial 25 patients, the treatment area has been broadened and the results, according to Prof Stricker, are much improved compared to the original 76%. In addition, the improved selection of patients for this treatment has also decreased the likelihood of further treatment.

Prof Stricker feels that this treatment is a major advance in that it offers a reliable way of ablating cancers in the prostate, particularly if they are focal and treated well and appropriately selected. The initial results, which are now published and were subject to a recent press release from St Vincent’s Clinic, show outstanding side effect profile with no impotence or incontinence in all the patients treated and a high rate of eradication.