New trials about to commence

All these trials are all designed to improve the accuracy of treatment of prostate cancer particularly with the use of high quality MRI and PET scanning.

Professor Stricker is Chief Investigator of these trials. Tom Cusick is helping to coordinate the trials and can be contacted on

  1. The MAGNIFI trial – This is a new trial to more accurately assess where lymph node secondaries from prostate cancer are occurring. It is evaluating a new contrast agent ( Combidex) before MRI scanning.
  2. The DETECT trial – This is using a Geiger counter to detect early cancer spread during the operation to more accurately remove lymph glands which may be affected by cancer more accurately.
  3. PRIMARY TRIAL- The primary trial is a multicentre trial looking at the use of PSMA PET scanning in the evaluation of patients with a raised PSA . This trial is aiming to see if PSMA PET Scanning can improve Prostate Cancer Detection in addition to MRI Scanning hoping to avoid unnessecary biopsies. Professor Stricker is the principal investigator with Louise Emmett.
  4. New PSMA PET Scan Agent – This is a trial evaluating a new type of PSMA PET to improve accuracy of prostate cancer detection. Professor Stricker is the principal investigator with Louise Emmett