FOCAL 2023 Chicago

FOCAL 2023 Focal Therapy Course

Frontiers in Oncologic Prostate Care and Ablative Local therapy (FOCAL) invite Professor Stricker to share his experiences in focal therapies and active surveillance. Chicago 10th – 12th Nov 2023.

Professor Stricker presented his Nanoknife Focal therapy results. A large and international audience warmly received his explanations and insights on what is now the world’s largest Nanoknife series. Further, he presented his other recent publications on post radiotherapy treatments , the role of PSMA imaging in Focal therapy and touched on his current research into immunotherapy combined with Focal Nanoknife therapy. In yet another session he spoke on the importance choosing active surveillance for particular patients.

Versatile Irreversible Electroporation – Phillip Stricker, MBBS from Grand Rounds in Urology on Vimeo.