Focal Nanoknife therapy – safe new treatment

Focal Nanoknife therapy for localised prostate cancer is proving to be a safe treatment. Although relatively new Prof Stricker has now completed over 35 focal NanoKnife treatments and is extremely pleased with the safety.

Less than 10% were unsuccessful  and most could be retreated .The recent publication where he combined his data with the English group, with Prof Emberton, shows  that this focal therapy is extremely safe and has led to no incontinence or almost no impotence.  This has just recently been accepted for publication in The Journal of Prostate Cancer and Prostate Diseases and the name of the publication is “Initial Assessment of Safety and Clinical Feasibility of Irreversible Electroporation in the Focal Treatment of Prostate Cancer” and it is already available online.It is the first clinical publication in the world on Focal Nanoknife Therapy for Prostate Cancer