Choline & PSMA scans to assess extent of prostate cancer

Prof Stricker and his team at St Vincent’s is now offering Choline Pet/CT Scans. Shortly be opening a trial to look at PSMA scanning to be able to more accurately localise metastatic prostate cancer. He considers this a revolution in the assessment of prostate cancer spread.

Further, it will enable the tailoring of therapies according to the extent of disease. Prof Stricker and Emmett are conducting a trial comparing PSMA to choline scanning and is also conducting a trial with a new form of treatment prior to radical prostatectomy in an attempt to improve outcome.  Prof Stricker is of the opinion that scanning and more accurate nodal assessment is critical in the management of prostate cancer as there is increasing evidence that the treatment of secondary nodal disease could have a major impact on the possibility of cure, particularly in high-grade cancer.  The Choline and shortly the PSMA scanning will be one of the only sites in Australia to offer this with his team at St Vincent’s.