Latest NanoKnife Focal Therapy Outcomes

Prof Stricker was invited to present NanoKnife focal therapy outcomes at the world conference on irreversible electroporation.

Professor Stricker and his fellows Bart Geboers and Matt Scheltema were invited to present their latest results on focal IRE (NanoKnife therapy) to 2000 urologists and interventional radiologists in Barcelona recently. These results are for focal treatment in appropriate prostate cancer patients and also in patients who have failed radiotherapy to the prostate. Professor Stricker is now one of the world leaders and one of the highest volume and most published NanoKnife users in the world. His latest results confirm a high level of safety and high level of effectiveness both in the primary setting and in the salvage post-radiation setting. The results of the FIRE trial were also presented which is a multicentre trial evaluating the safety and outcomes of focal NanoKnife therapy after radiotherapy. This also confirmed a high level of success and minimal side effects. NanoKnife is now emerging as one of the major energy sources in the potential treatment of focal ablation for prostate cancer worldwide and indeed will be the subject of an FDA phase 1 trial and a randomised trial in comparing it against surgery in Sweden at the Karolinska Institute. Professor Stricker is involved in both trials.