Salvage Robotic Surgery Presentation At SRS

Professor Stricker was recently an invited presenter at the World Society of Robotic Surgery virtual conference (SRS Vitual Conference 2020) on salvage robotic surgery.

Professor Stricker was recently invited to give an invited video presentation at the SRS World Virtual conference along with other major experienced robotic surgeons from the Sloan Kettering New York, University College Hospital in London among others in the area of salvage surgery. Approximately 10000 delegates worldwide attended the conference. Salvage robotic surgery is one of the hardest operations robotic surgeons do. It is performed after previous failed radiation treatment of Focal Therapy. Professor Stricker spoke on his experience with salvage robotic surgery after failed focal therapy (Nanoknife). His results showed very satisfactory outcomes in terms of cure, continence and even potency.Other centres presented their results after such treatments as radiation therapy and high-intensity focussed ultrasound and cryotherapy.

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