The UroLift Procedure

Prof Stricker has introduced a new procedure for benign enlargement of the prostate to enable improvement in urinary function without affecting sexual function. The first case was performed at St Vincent’s in April 2015 and all patients were treated as day patients. 

 The treatment involves placing, at the time of cystoscopy, some needle placements to stretch the prostate away from the urethra. This improves the flow of urine and urinary symptoms such as urgency and frequency. The treatment is minimally invasive and repeatable. It has the benefit of improving urinary symptoms without medications and also without affecting erections or ejaculation. Recently, two-year results from around the world were published and the results, although fairly early still, were outstanding and durable. This is ideally suited to patients with prostates which are not excessively large (> 100 g), without middle lobe enlargement and in patients without an excess of irritative symptoms as compared to obstructive symptoms.