Robotic Surgery


In my hands there is a 96.5% clearance rate in the eradication of early stage prostate cancers and 86% clearance rate in overall cancers.


Incontinence after surgery is a major concern shared by many patients. In my hands, 99% of patients gain near perfect continence after robot radical prostatectomy. Some patients due to unusual anatomy or physiology may not recover full continence. However, the vast majority recover continence within three months and almost 80% within six weeks.

My technique, which was recently presented internationally, has resulted in:

Current early continence outcomes
Time 0-1 precautionary pads 0 pads
6 weeks 78% 33%
3 months 95% 72%
6 months 98% 92%
12 months 99% 94%

Sexual recovery

The nerves responsible for proper erectile functioning are small fragile fibres attached to the back of the prostate requiring experience and special skills to protect them from damage – this has been a passion of mine for over 20 years.

Three factors have a strong influence on the recovery of sexual function following radical prostatectomy:

  • The age of the patient
  • The pre-operative status of sexual function.
  • The surgical technique.

One of the potential advantages of robotic surgery in the hands of an experienced surgeon over conventional open surgery is the preservation of these delicate nerves and the ability to regain early sexual function.

The ability to preserve nerves is dependent upon the cancer and on the surgeon’s experience and assessment during surgery. Over the years I have developed a special technique to maximize potency.

Clearly potency recovery is variable in each patient but over 90% of my patients with normal function have full bilateral nerve preservation, particularly in the younger age group, thus regaining sexual function.

A patient outcome study has evaluated the status of my patients post radical prostatectomy. With follow up between 12 and 24 months, 73% of patients were potent following nerve sparing surgery, while in the under 60 year old age group 84% of patients were potent.

Potency was defined as the ability to have intercourse on most attempts with or without the use of Viagra like substances.

Erection recovery
Age Recovery Time
40 – 50 92% 12 – 18 months
50 – 60 85% 12 – 18 months
60 – 70 72% 12 – 18 months