Focal Irreversible Electroporation

NanoKnife© IRE Results

We have now treated 450 patients since February 2013.

All patients have been meticulously followed up (100% follow up) with high-quality MRIs and biopsies, in addition to being offered validated quality of life questionnaires.

Our current outcomes for focal irreversible electroporation in the primary setting (not after radiotherapy) is:

  • 97% clearance of the primary tumour.
  • 0% ongoing incontinence.
  • Less than 10% erectile dysfunction.
  • 20% chance of retrograde ejaculation
  • No major (Clavien 3 or 4) complications.
  • Less than 20% recurrence in other parts of the prostate (up to 5 year Follow up), two-thirds of which had successful redo treatments.
  • Sixty patients had focal IRE after radiation with no major complications, < 5% mild incontinence and < 40% erectile dysfunction with 80% clearance of the primary tumour.

We are currently conducting an international multicentre trial to evaluate the role of focal NanoKnife therapy in patients who failed radiotherapy (FIRE trial). This is study is nearing completion and the results are expected to be published shortly.